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The Holden Gemini Story

After 23 years the Holden Gemini is still one of the hottest small cars on the road today with a strong cult following,It has been quoted on the radio quite recently as being 'the best car EVER made'.....well, over 200,000 people can't be wrong!

The gemini was originally designed in Germany and sourced from Isuzu in Japan. It was manufactured and built in Australia by GMH. Only just over a year after the it's release in 1975 the TX Gemini was the most popular car on the market and was even voted car of the year!

 The Gemini got it's power from an Isuzu 1584cc 4 cylinder single overhead cam petrol engine, four on the floor was standard with trimatic auto as an option. Some of the luxury accessories that came with this first Gemini as standard were front discs, reclining bucket seats, carpet, fan boosted ventilation along with rack and pinion steering. All in all 42 792 TX Gemini's were sold between 1975 and 1977.

Here is a picture of td gemini i paid $300 for and i did it up a little. Drop'd a  1.8l recon engine in it some new carpet, new tires , new seat  covers and now it looks like a million dollars . e/HOLDENS.html 

In 1977 Holden gave the TX a work over which saw the introduction of the TC Gemini. The TC still had all the same specs as the TX but it had some external styling changes such as a vertical slot front grille. The TC also came with a better handling suspension option which consisted of a front stabilizer bar and steel belted radial tyres. A version of the TC called the Sandpiper had such extras as a stereo cassette player, a four spoke steering wheel and a wood grain finished dash.

The next incarnation of the Gemini was the TD which was introduced by Holden in March 1978. The most noticeable visual change was to the grille and also the fitting of square headlights. The TD Gemini incorporated radial tuned suspension that set new handling standards in the small car class. The new suspension included such features as anti dive geometry, stabilizer bars front and rear and a panhard rod rear end. In all there were seven versions of the TD that included the TD wagon, the panel van and a luxury SLE model. The TD was a popular model and all up 42 396 were sold.

October 1979 saw the Gemini receive a full face lift and a revised engine, this new model was not so suprisingly named the TE. The cosmetic changes to the Gemini's front and rear end made it look similar to its bigger brother the Holden Commodore. The coupe body option was discontinued while the SLE became the SLX. Changes to the Gemini's Isuzu 1.6 included a new cylinder head and different distributor and carby settings, this brought power and torque down in favour of fuel efficiency. In 1981 a 1.8 litre diesel engined Gemini was released as an SLX sedan. From October 1979 to March 1982 a huge 70 567 TE Gemini's were sold.  The TF Gemini was introduced in March 82

soured from "Red Hot Geminis No1"

Gemini TG, late `83, brock blue , stock 1.6Lt,15" F90 Simmons


Gemini `82, auto,  gold  Cassette player,


General / Isuzu Gemini History

The first generation Gemini was introduced as Isuzu Bellett Gemini in November 1974 as a 4-door Sedan and a 2-door Coupé with the same body shell as the third generation Opel Kadett (wheelbase 235 cm). The car was renamed Isuzu Gemini by November 1976. By 1975 it was assembled in Australia as Holden Gemini. In Malaysia it was known as Opel Gemini. By 1976 it was sold in the USA as Opel Isuzu, also known as Buick Opel. From 1981 on it was sold there as Isuzu I-Mark. With a wheelbase of 244 cm with its own bodyshell came in June 1981 the Isuzu Piazza (Coupé), from May 1983 sold in USA as Isuzu Impulse, and in Australia (from 1986) as Holden Piazza.

In May 1985 came the second generation Gemini with front-wheel drive and a wheelbase of 240 cm as a 4-door Sedan and a 3-door Hatchback. In USA it was sold as Isuzu I-Mark and Chevrolet Spectrum, renamed Geo Spectrum by the 1989 model year. In Canada it was known as Pontiac Sunburst . In Australia the 4-door Sedan was sold as Holden Gemini, in Chile as Chevrolet Gemini.

The third generation Gemini was introduced in March 1990 as a 4-door Sedan only with a wheelbase of 245 cm. It was sold as Isuzu Stylus in the USA. By May, 1990 a 3-door Coupé with different body was introduced as Isuzu PA Nero, followed in September 1990 by the Gemini Coupé, accompanied in 1991 by a Coupé Wagon, called Gemini Hatchback. The PA Nero was accompanied by the Isuzu Piazza in September, 1991. In USA the cars were known as Isuzu Impulse and Geo Storm, in Canada as Asüna Sunfire.

From August 1993 on the fourth generation Gemini was a clone of the Honda Domani.

The fifth generation Gemini came in February, 1997 and is similar to the current Civic 4-door Sedan.